Union Pacific Seeks Declaratory Judgement on Common Carrier Obligation

Union Pacific and Metra have a long-standing relationship, governed by a Purchase of Service Agreement (PSA) that expires Feb. 29, 2020. We are negotiating a new agreement under which Metra would assume responsibility for directly operating its commuter routes through a Services Transfer. Union Pacific would continue to maintain the track and coordinate train movement across its lines. The goal is to provide a smooth transition; ensuring riders continue experiencing safe and efficient service.

The Services Transfer will allow Union Pacific to focus on moving customers' goods in and out of Chicago and across the nation. With the direct management of additional employees and equipment, Union Pacific believes Metra has the potential to realize financial savings and other benefits.

There are fundamental principles that we believe require the assistance of a court to resolve as we work through the negotiation process. Union Pacific and Metra have differing interpretations of the common carrier obligation and whether Union Pacific has an obligation to provide passenger service. We are seeking a declaratory judgment in federal court to determine a common understanding of the law.

The filing does not change Union Pacific's dedication to reach an amicable agreement for the Services Transfer, and we are committed to maintaining and preserving our relationship with Metra. For Metra customers, there will not be a change in service as a result of the filing.

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