Procedures for Applying for Property Leases

  1. In order to apply for a property lease with UPRR, it is necessary to submit a Land Lease Application Form. Print a copy of the form, complete it and sign it.
  2. A print/sketch indicating the location of the proposed leased premises, with dimensions, should accompany the application. See the Sample Print for an example of what this item should look like, and the kind of information it should include, if possible.

    The information on Identifying Railroad Mile Post Locations will assist in locating mile post markers, which are helpful in establishing the location of the proposed lease site.
  3. Processing of your Land Lease Application requires management review and approval. This process generally takes a minimum of 45 days to complete. The proposed site may not be used without UPRR's prior written approval.
  4. To mail your application and print to the appropriate Real Estate manager for your proposed lease site, select the site's location on the Real Estate Managers map located in this section.