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Supplier Diversity 

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At Union Pacific, we highly encourage all of our suppliers to participate in our Tier II Reporting Program. We place an additional emphasis on our strategic suppliers to support a core value of the Supply Chain Department and Union Pacific by attending annual supplier reviews. By securing our strategic suppliers' diverse spend reporting, we ensure their successful participation in our supplier diversity initiatives.

As a supplier of Union Pacific, we ask that you report your direct and indirect expenditures on a quarterly basis. If you are a strategic supplier, additionally we require that you support the Supplier Diversity Program initiative by:

  • Establishing an internal Supplier Diversity Program or Policy and goals for your organization
  • Join a local, regional and/or national supplier diversity council

Tier II Reporting Periods

Union Pacific utilizes B2GNow for our Tier II Reporting tool. As a supplier of Union Pacific please register in the portal by going to B2GNow.

The reporting periods are as follows:

Quarter 1 April 1 - April 30
Quarter 2 July 1 - July 31
Quarter 3 September 1 - September 30
Quarter 4 January 1 - January 31


Additional Help

Union Pacific Tier II Program Guidelines
How to report Tier II (PDF)
How to create an internal program on policy
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