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September 9, 1922

7000 Class Sports Models Debut

Making the climb up the steep Wasatch grade east of Ogden, Utah, required more power. The 7000 Class 4-8-2 locomotives were the solution to pull Union Pacific’s increasingly popular passenger trains on mountainous routes like the Wasatch. The railroad put into service 60 Mountain type locomotives between 1922 and 1925. Until the advent of the 800-class 4-8-4 locomotive in the mid-1930s, the Sports Models remained the mainstay of UP passenger service.

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The Whyte System is a notation for the number of wheels on a steam locomotive. On the 4-8-2, for example, the first digit represents the first group of wheels (4); the middle number or numbers are the big driving wheels (8) responsible for pulling power; the last is the number in the trailing truck under the cab (2).

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