Ganta Uses Own Success to Empower Others

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As Snigdha Ganta, general director, Tech, succeeds in her 21-year Union Pacific career, she says her journey isn’t a lonely one.

“As we continue to clear the path of ‘impossibles’ to find the ‘I'm possible,’ we can help others succeed and create a chain of possibilities,” Ganta said.

A technologist by profession, she currently leads a Tech project as part of the railroad's transformation of its enterprise systems software used daily by employees.

Recognizing her achievements and drive to empower others, Profiles in Diversity Journal named Ganta to its short list of 2023 Asian Leadership Award winners.

Ganta’s Profiles in Diversity Journal’s interview excerpt:
Who is your hero? My father, who is a retired civil engineer from the public sector in India. He believed in chasing dreams, and his drive to help others has always motivated me. He is my true inspiration.
What was your first job? I got my first job at the University of Nebraska-Omaha as a tutor in the math lab. With my STEM background, it was rather easy to start off and help students excel with their coursework.
Tell us about your family. I live with my husband of 25 years and my two daughters – ages 21 and 16.

For more on Ganta, check out Profiles in Diversity Journal’s edition highlighting the Asian Leadership Awards.

David Welch, general director-Exploration, Strategic Planning, was also recognized on the list. Stay tuned for his story. 

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