California Nonprofit Turns Aspiring into Achieving

Like most aspiring filmmakers, Jonathan Galan grew up watching and studying movies. His biggest barrier to becoming a filmmaker, he realized, wasn’t that he didn’t have the right equipment, but rather, he didn’t have the right mindset. Read more


The Eighth Wonder of the World’s Crown Jewels

Done. A single word telegraphed around the nation triggered champagne toasts, cannon booms from coast to coast, fireworks and the ringing of The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. It was a celebration of the country’s greatest achievement – completion of the transcontinental railroad – and the joining of East and West. Reporters, politicians and workers heralded the completion as the Eighth Wonder of the World on May 10, 1869. Read more


This Traffic Ticket Could Save Your Life

An unnerving feeling of anticipation washes over Brent Nay as the 200-ton locomotive he’s riding in approaches a railroad crossing in Las Vegas, Nevada. The red lights begin to flash; the red-and-white arms fall. Would traffic stop? Read more

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Signal Maintainer

2017 Building America Report

This report details our progress in key areas supporting social, economic and environmental sustainability pillars: operating safely, strengthening communities, engaging employees and working to preserve the environment. We also summarize our 2017 financial performance. Read more.

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