Union Pacific's Falcon Premium Service Connects Three Countries' Shippers

With a constantly evolving transportation industry, Union Pacific introduced its newest Mexico gateway service – Falcon Premium – and unlike other intermodal services, Falcon service connects three countries in North America all by rail. Read more

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Roaring Into the Market: Union Pacific Preps for Tiger Cool Express

Union Pacific's new partnership with Tiger Cool Express is stoking growth by reigniting temperature-controlled intermodal rail service in eastern Washington. Read more

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Remote-Control Locomotive Technology Puts Humans in Control

Remote-control locomotives are controlled by one or two operators standing on the ground near the train or on the locomotive itself. We use this technology extensively in our railyards where the operator moves trains within yards or between yards onto different tracks – the railroad terminology is “switching” – so the cars can be broken down and rebuilt into trains. Read more

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2022 Building America Report

The Building America Report provides a top-level look at our progress achieving the goals surrounding Union Pacific's sustainability approach: Building a Sustainable Future 2030. Read the Building America Report.

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Jobs at Union Pacific

Union Pacific is accepting applications for positions in several locations throughout its 23 state territory.

See all job openings

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