Garrison’s Leadership Building Railroad and Railroaders

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Whether Carl Garrison, assistant vice president-Operations, is cultivating the railroad or the people around him, he’s known at Union Pacific for making a difference through his leadership.

Recognizing his hard work and dedication, Profiles in Diversity Journal named Garrison to its short list of 2023 Latino Leadership Award winners.

Garrison started with Union Pacific in 2006 as an Operations Management Trainee and has since succeeded in numerous roles throughout UP's network.

He’s built a long list of accomplishments after nearly 20 years on the railroad, including helping lead initiatives driving efficiency throughout the Southern Region.

His peers know him for building relationships and leading with conviction. He inspires others around him – teaching that anyone who believes in what they do cannot help but give their best.

“In the last 17 years, I’ve moved 11 times, and with each new position, I have been gifted the opportunity to work with a new team with a new culture and fresh ideas,” Garrison said. “This experience has proven the value of diversity in our business. Our employees power our competitive advantage, and a key to my success has been to cultivate curiosity within our leadership teams to truly understand what will empower our employees to be their individual and collective best.”

Garrison is a graduate of Union Pacific’s Leadership Development Program.

Congratulations, Carl!

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