Gov. Newsom Stands with Union Pacific and Law Enforcement; Calls for Action on LA Rail Thefts

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Clockwise, from left: Union Pacific’s Adrian Guerrero, general director-Policy and Partnerships, Corporate Relations; California Gov. Gavin Newsom at the joint cleanup site; and Union Pacific’s Craig Richardson, executive vice president and chief legal officer, coordinating security efforts with the Los Angeles Police Department and UPS.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom stood with Union Pacific representatives, law enforcement officers and UPS on Thursday, announcing a multi-agency effort to combat rail theft in Los Angeles.

"We're stepping things up, and we're not condoning what happened here," Newsom said at a press conference held near a Union Pacific track in Los Angeles. "We need to hold people accountable, and we need to do better helping each other."

Newsom and Adrian Guerrero, Union Pacific's general director-Policy and Partnerships, Corporate Relations, joined workers from Union Pacific, UPS and Caltrans prior to the press conference to pick up the debris left by the thefts, which have garnered national attention.

"This is the focus of partnership in action," Guerrero said.

In response to these thefts, Union Pacific increased the number of special agents, drones, specialized fencing and trespass detection systems. Thursday's cleanup effort signaled the support Union Pacific is receiving from its community partners to continue to invest the necessary resources to move forward.

"We are confident these collective steps and partnerships will ensure we can safely and securely transport the products our communities rely upon," said Scott Moore, Union Pacific senior vice president and chief administrative officer.

Union Pacific is committed to working with its partners and customers in a coordinated effort, ensuring collective safety across Los Angeles County's railroads, which are crucial links in the nation's supply chain.

Newsom said he was committed to an "all of government" approach to prevent thefts and prosecute the criminals involved.

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