Union Pacific Primed for Growth with Infrastructure Investments

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Tommee Pelky, assistant signalperson, helms the controls during crane operations. Her signal construction gang covers parts of Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Texas.

Union Pacific is making record capital investments to increase capacity for customers and harden infrastructure across the railroad’s 32,000-mile network, aligning with its focus on Safety, Service and Operational Excellence.

Union Pacific plans to spend a total of $3.7 billion in capital investments in 2023. To date, Engineering employees have replaced over 3 million railroad ties and over 400 miles of rail to keep the network running safely and smoothly. The company’s also investing a significant amount in freight cars and increasing capacity across the network, driving growth opportunities at its intermodal terminals while making it easier for customers to do business with UP.

“These investments represent our commitment to building a sustainable rail network supporting economic growth for generations to come,” said CEO Jim Vena. “The more we invest in building a safer, more efficient railroad today, the better we can deliver the service we sold our customers and serve communities going forward.”

Union Pacific is investing capital across its entire network. For example, 16 projects totaling approximately $180 million are tackling train length and capacity in the Pacific Northwest. And along the Gulf Coast, UP is enhancing its signal system on core routes and improving terminal capacity.

Did you know? In the U.S., roadways are built and maintained using taxpayer dollars, but the same is not true for the vast majority of railroad tracks. Freight railroads own, build, maintain, operate and pay for their infrastructure without relying on government assistance. In fact, between 1980 and 2022, America’s freight railroads spent approximately $780 billion on capital expenditures and maintenance expenses, keeping rail shipments moving safely and efficiently.

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