Lentsch Champions Diversity in STEM

Lori Lentsch Women Worth Watching Award Graphic | MR

For Lori Lentsch, general director, Tech, careers in STEM require visibility and opportunity for all backgrounds. She envisions a bright future for the field, where “well-established women in STEM uplift other women. There is so much opportunity right now to grow and innovate.”

Lentsch’s continued advocacy for diversity in STEM earned her recognition among Profiles in Diversity Journal’s Women Worth Watching in STEM, joining a legacy of accomplished women in the field.

Lentsch’s Profiles in Diversity Journal questionnaire excerpt:
Personal Philosophy: “The decisions one makes when they think no one is looking shows their true character. Always act with integrity.”
What book are you reading: “Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.”
What was your first job: Working in my high school computer lab.
Favorite charity: March of Dimes.

For more on Lentsch, check out Profiles in Diversity Journal’s award edition.

Union Pacific’s Jordan Turner was also recognized on the list.

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