Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a Union Pacific license plate?

Plates can be ordered directly from the Nebraska DMV.

What does it cost?

The license plate fee is $70 annually, in addition to regular car registration fees and taxes. At the time of pick-up at the DMV, applicants also will be charged a $6.60 plate production fee.

If license plates are picked up in a month different from your usual renewal, applicants also will be charged $5.50 for reissuing the registration document.

The funds generated from plate sales go to the State of Nebraska. The Friends of the Union Pacific Railroad Museum does not make a profit from license plate sales.

What if I'm not due for new plates but want to participate?

Applicants have two choices when renewing their license plates:

  1. Obtain the plate immediately and place it on the vehicle. This will not change the registration cycle for that vehicle. For example, if the vehicle’s registration was set to expire in two months, the applicant will have to pay $70 again in two months.
  2. Wait to obtain Union Pacific plates until the vehicle’s regular plates expire. The $70 fee will cover the new registration cycle and avoid a second $70 payment within the same year.

Each year on renewal, a sticker will be issued upon payment of the $70 specialty plate fee. If you choose not to pay the additional $70 fee after the first year, you will receive standard plates.

Current plates and registration must be surrendered when the organizational license plates are registered.

Can I personalize the plates?

No. The plates cannot be personalized.

Can I have Union Pacific license plates for my company vehicle?

Union Pacific license plates currently are not available for company vehicles

Why did Friends of the UP Museum sponsor the plate and not Union Pacific Railroad?

The Friends of the Union Pacific Railroad Museum Board and all who work or volunteer at the museum are proud to be a part of Union Pacific‘s 150th Anniversary celebration. Union Pacific is integral to America's history, providing the connection from east to west that helped build this great nation. The Friends organization is passionate about preserving the railroad’s legacy and telling Union Pacific’s story to thousands of visitors each year.