In response to the July 6 derailment in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, the Federal Railroad Administration issued Emergency Order 28 on Aug. 2, outlining railroad safety measures for certain hazardous material movements, including crude oil and ethanol unit trains. Union Pacific will fully comply with the order, which goes into effect for all railroads Sept. 1 and includes the following safety-related requirements:

  • Designate trains carrying loads of hazardous materials which will not be left unattended on main line tracks or sidings outside of yards or terminals unless specifically authorized.
  • Develop a written plan that specifies locations and circumstances under which it is safe to leave unattended trains or vehicles transporting hazardous material loads on main line tracks or sidings outside yards or terminals.
  • Develop a process for employees securing unattended trains or vehicles that includes specific communications with the train dispatchers.
  • Review, verify and adjust as necessary protocols related to securing unattended trains or vehicles.
  • Implement Operating Rules/Instructions regarding job briefings that include appropriate securement protocols.
  • Implement procedures for inspecting equipment for proper securement in cases where an emergency responder has been on, under or between equipment. li>Provide notice of Emergency Order 28 to all affected employees.

Further communications will be issued to affected employees as the work related to Emergency Order 28 progresses.

The FRA’s news release includes links to the complete emergency order and list of recommendations, as well as the FRA Safety Advisory issued with the Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).