Fiber Optic Overview

Union Pacific serves as a ready access to a single-source of railroad rights of way to connect major metropolitan cities and other geographic regions generally west of the Mississippi River.

We currently operate over 33,000 miles of rights of way throughout the western two-thirds of the United States and are one of the largest railroads in North America. This system serves 23 states, linking every major West Coast and Gulf Coast port. It also serves four major gateways to the east: Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans. UPRR is the primary rail connection between the U.S. and Mexico. Also, it interchanges traffic with the Canadian rail system.

The SAFT Program acronym (Pronounced Safety) is derived from each the functional areas within the overall Safety, Asset Utilization and Fiber Optic Technology program. The functional title was developed for interactions with potential customers outside the scope of our internal organization.

Union Pacific Railroad maintains a presence in the fiber optic and wireless market place by leveraging assets, including continuation as a provider of rights of way and wireless facilities.