Employee Opportunity/Employee Questions

Are there any current job openings at UP? How do I get hired?

Find more information on our Careers site: UP.jobs

It's my dream to become a locomotive engineer. How do I go about it?

Union agreements require hiring of locomotive engineers from promoted conductors or trainpersons who already work for Union Pacific. Licensed Class I engineers first must work for UP as train crew before being promoted. For an overview of the experience, skills and job duties required for Train Crew, see the Train Crew/Train Service information on our Jobs site.

I would like to see information just for employees.

UP employees may access the UP Employees site with a User ID and password. If you currently are a UP employee and would like more information about the Employees site, or help in obtaining an ID and password, call OSS for assistance.

Why can't I read internal publications such as UPOnline on this site?

UPOnline is written for employees, rather than a general audience. Its content generally is considered too specialized for the Public site. The UP Employees site is the primary source for UPOnline, though with the creation of our Retirees and Families section, some UPOnline articles now are publicly accessible.