General Questions

Can you send me a Union Pacific calendar?

Calendars for the new year generally go on sale in the fall. For ordering information, visit the Union Pacific Company Store.

I collect police paraphernalia. Can I get a special agent or railroad police patch or badge from Union Pacific?

The Union Pacific Police Department does not honor requests to trade or sell its shoulder patch or badge.

Can I purchase old railroad ties to do landscaping in my yard?

Old ties are removed by hired contractors; we do not resell them to the public.

I need to move my car/boat/furniture/household appliances across the country. Can Union Pacific do that for me?

Union Pacific does not transport privately owned cars, boats, trailers, motorcycles, trucks, appliances or other household goods for individual use.

Can you send me detailed grade level engineering maps?

Unfortunately, detailed engineering maps are not available for public distribution.

Why do locomotives blow their horns four times at the grade crossing near my house?

Locomotive crews are required to sound the horn until the locomotive crosses the street. Additional signals might be sounded if the crew believes a pedestrian, motorist, or other individuals appear to be unaware of the train's approach, or if other safety considerations, such as poor visibility or obstructions, are present.

Additional information regarding the Federal Railroad Administration's Train Horn & Quiet Zone Rule also is available on our site.

Where would I find your Annual Report and other financial information?

All financial and investor information is located in the Investors section of our site.