Industrial Development/Real Estate

Industrial Development

Need assistance with finding a rail-served site? Our Industrial Development team is prepared to assist you with your site location needs and can provide up-to-date, accurate information on available land and buildings; existing rail-served facilities; and transload/team track facilities. Site location assistance is part of Union Pacific's fully integrated transportation service program.

Our team is also available to work with you on track construction specifications; multi-modal transportation access; and additional services related to business development.

Real Estate and Utility Specifications

Our Real Estate group work covers a variety of concerns including Property Leases and Purchases, Utilities (Pipeline/Wireline) Installation, House Moves (across our tracks), as well as Drainage Modifications, Environmental Access and Temporary Use of Railroad Property.

Public Projects (IPP)

The Industry and Public Projects (IPP) group is the main point of contact for local communities and agencies working on Public Projects. Public Projects may include public or private crossings, surface renewal projects, over- and underpasses, track realignments and Quiet Zones.

Union Pacific Railroad Public Projects Manual is intended to be a guide for assisting communities, highway agencies, other authorities, industries, or private entities to coordinate, plan and implement construction projects that involve Railroad Property. Applicants are considered a citizen, consultant, contractor, developer, government, industry, railroad, road authority, or Union Pacific customer. This manual should be reviewed in detail prior to contacting the Union Pacific Public Projects team.

Telecom/Fiber Optic

Union Pacific serves as a ready access to a single-source of railroad rights of way to connect major metropolitan cities and other geographic regions generally west of the Mississippi River.

Union Pacific Railroad maintains a presence in the fiber optic and wireless market place by leveraging assets, including continuation as a provider of rights of way and wireless facilities.

Contact our group, or access our Fiber Standards Manual in the Telecom/Fiber Optic/SAFT section.