Bastrop Industrial Lead

The following Public Notice – System Diagram Map appeared in The Bastrop Daily Enterprise, a paper of general circulation published in Bastrop, La., on June 29, 2011.



UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY (AB-33) plans to file an updated System Diagram Map on or after June 30, 2011, and publishes this notice pursuant to the regulations of the Surface Transportation Board at 49 CFR 1152.12 and 1152.13. The rail line described below to be placed in Category 1 (rail lines anticipated will be the subject of an abandonment application within three years).

  1. Designation of Line: Bastrop Industrial Lead
  2. State(s) in which located: Louisiana
  3. Parish/County in which located: Morehouse, Louisiana
  4. Mileposts Locations: MP 551.76 near Bastrop, Louisiana to MP 560.48 near Collinston, Louisiana
  5. There are no agency stations.

The color-coded System Diagram Map and line description for the rail line amended will be provided upon request.

Send $15 to:

Union Pacific Railroad Company, Mail Stop 1580
1400 Douglas Street, Omaha, NE 68179.