Commemorative Locomotives

A very rare honor, Union Pacific has created only 17 commemorative locomotives in its more than 150 year history. Some pay homage to the our predecessors that merged into today's Union Pacific, while others recognize important organizations in American society.

Our Heritage

Through the years, a series of mergers helped Union Pacific create the strongest franchise in North America. Union Pacific pays homage to those railroads, and the generations of men and women who helped to build a great nation, and the foundation for our future.

Olympic Locomotives

In addition to being carried by more than 11,500 Torchbearers, in 2002 the Olympic Flame traveled via automobile, airplane, train, boat, dogsled, skier, horse-drawn sleigh, snowmobile, ice skaters and covered wagon.

The Olympic Flame traveled by railroad on a specially designed train for the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay, operated by Union Pacific Railroad. The train featured a specially created Cauldron Car for the Olympic Flame, two 2002 Olympic Winter Games custom-painted locomotives and 18 cars incorporating the Look of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

Union Pacific also transported the Olympic Flame more than 3,500 miles during the Olympic Torch Relay for the Atlanta 1996 Centennial Olympic Games.

  • UP No. 1886
    1996 Olympic Games
  • UP No. 1996
    1996 Olympic Games

Community Service Locomotives

Retired Locomotives