Delivering Diesel Exhaust Fluid by Rail

As EPA regulations have become tighter requiring motor vehicles to reduce harmful emissions into the environment, the market opportunities for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) continue to grow. Union Pacific is working collaboratively with key stakeholders to find ways to take advantage of the economies of scale that rail offers.

Customized Solutions - Loup Logistics

  • No rail, no problem
  • Established railports allow for rail-to-truck transfers
  • Logistics experts handle your product safely

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Extending Your Reach - Team Tracks

  • Public tracks allowing shippers to unload freight
  • Located across the Union Pacific network
  • Provides flexibility for accessing multiple markets

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New Construction - Build a Rail Served Facility

  • Locations available in industrial parks
  • Step-by-step instructions guide customers through the construction process
  • Preferred engineering design and rail contractors available by state

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