Auction Overview

  • Union Pacific determines number of cars available to offer in the auction (based on car inventory compared with existing commitments for shuttles and guaranteed freight).
  • Six months prior to delivery period, Union Pacific first offers those cars in the auction (e.g. in January you can bid on cars that will be delivered in July).
  • Auction takes place every Monday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. CT.
  • In the next auction, Union Pacific will offer remaining cars for the delivery period in the auction (e.g. on Jan 3 offer 1,000 cars for first half July; 100 cars are sold; Jan 10 Union Pacific would then offer 900 cars for first half July).
  • Minimum bid is $10. You can also place a maximum bid – which will then automatically increase your bid $1 above another customer’s higher bid (up to your maximum). Your bid is only increased if all cars offered have received the minimum bid.
  • In most cases, cars are secured at the minimum bid of $10.
  • Auction includes single cars (manifest) and unit trains — you are expected to utilize the cars in the service offered.
  • Union Pacific reserves the right to provide additional cars for a delivery half if greater car supply is available (e.g. initially offer 1,000 cars for first half July – but due to a shuttle cancellation there are 100 additional cars available. So, Union Pacific could increase total first half July supply to 1,100 cars in the auction).