Montana Connections Industrial Park
Butte, Montana - Silver Bow County

Montana Connections Industrial Park is comprised of more than 1,200 acres, the majority of which are owned by the ButteSilver Bow local government. Because of this ownership structure, land can be purchased for as little as $2,000.00 per acre and be sold in parcels as large as 160 acres or as small as 7. Montana Connections has developed a number of “Shovel Ready” sites that can be built on today. Montana Connections Business Development Park (Montana Connections) is an industrially zoned business park with a tax increment provision

Site Summary

  • Strategically located in Southwest Montana at the intersection of Interstates 90 and 15.
  • Heavy Industrial Infrastructure, including four million gallons per day of industrial water, two million gallons per day of waste water capacity and access to a potable water system.
  • Access to 2-inch natural gas line and three phase electrical power from two on-property sub-stations. Power needs can be met with the region’s largest power company, Northwestern Energy located in nearby Butte.
  • Grants available for infrastructure and development assistance. Economic Development Incentives and other financing options are available through local and state partners and programs.
  • Servicing fiber optic cable with buried conduit line of 1 GB service capability to all available parcels.
  • Foreign Trade Zone with Butte-Silver Bow as the grantee. Port of Montana is a general-purpose warehouse. 

Rail Highlights

  • Served by Union Pacific Railroad with direct access to a premier transloading facility in the Port of Montana.
  • Parcels ready for immediate building. An availability of appropriately 40 acres of heavy industrial zone developable property. Currently there is one directly accessible to rail and three available for future development.
  • Well suited for manifest rail service. 

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Alisha Elgan
Regional Manager
Union Pacific
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