Construction Products Commonly Used Standard Transportation Commodity Codes (STCC)

Asphalt composition shingles2952315
Asphalt composition siding2952310
Ballast rock or stone1421930
Bituminous asphalt rock1491315
Building brick3251115
Calcined plaster3275245
Cement clinker3241110
Cement, hydraulic, masonry or mortar3241130
Cement, hydraulic, Portland3241115
Crushed granite or marble1421920
Crushed or broken limestone1421965
Fly ash4011208
Gravel and sand mixed1441230
Gypsum rock1491110
Gypsum, ground powdered or pulverized3295610
Pumice stone, crude1491490
Roofing granules3295980
Rubble stone1421910
Sand paving or building1441190
Sand, mixed with clay, with crushed stone1441225
Slag, crushed, granulated3295291
Tile, flooring or paving3253125
Volcanic ash1491410