Rail Infrastructure Guidelines

Union Pacific is committed to grow with our existing and new customers in a manner that supports operational fluidity throughout our network. Please keep in mind that all sites must be pre-approved by Union Pacific prior to any construction taking place. To begin this process, please contact a member of our Crude by Rail Team. You can also visit the Industrial Development section for more information on infrastructure and design guidelines.

Union Pacific Crude Oil and Condensate Infrastructure Guidelines

  • For unit trains, sufficient track space off Union Pacific's mainline so the entire train can be assembled and completely ready for departure (including air test performed on customers track) on customers track.
  • Unit trains must be pulled in one string and not block any road crossings. Unit trains must be for a minimum of 80-car unit trains not including any buffer car requirements.
  • Shale formations/refinery terminals on Union Pacific Shortline Partners must meet Union Pacific requirements.

The above list contains minimum requirements, there may be additional requirements depending on the site location.