Copper Connection

Door-to-Door Service for Finished Copper Products

Union Pacific Railroad, along with our logistics management subsidiary, Loup, have teamed together to develop Copper Connection, a reliable, new rail/truck service designed to streamline your copper shipments and save you money. Combining door-to-door truck delivery with the long-haul economics of rail transportation, Copper Connection offers a seamless, competitive alternative to motor carrier. This service targets refined copper shipments moving from Utah and Arizona to multiple domestic and export points with access to all major London Metal Exchange (LME) and COMEX warehouses across North America.

Extensive Market Access and Equipment Fleet

  • Access to major refineries, mills and ports across the U.S.
  • Large boxcar fleet to safely and efficiently handle your business
  • Ability to handle more than four truckloads of product in each rail car

Access to Warehouses

  • Rail access to major LME and COMEX warehouses across North America
  • Established network of preferred provider warehouses at over 90 locations in U.S., Mexico and Canada
  • Access to 35 international ports and eight border crossing locations

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