Pipe Transportation Solutions

Extending your reach through rail

Union Pacific Railroad safely and efficiently delivers thousands of different products for customers across North America. Our pipe shipping expertise can simplify your supply chain, moving more product more efficiently.

Our extensive network reaches about 75 percent of all shale plays in the United States, aligning geographically with new projects underway in the western two-thirds of the United States. Union Pacific seamlessly connects to Class I eastern rail carriers, has six major gateways to Mexico and reaches Canadian rail carriers.

Never shipped by rail? Don’t have direct rail access? We have solutions. Our expert team can help you find shipping solutions for various types of pipe utilizing our Pipeline Express, Drill Pipe and Structural Pipe service solutions.

Our Pipe Shipping Expertise

  • Pipeline Express - total visibility of line pipe shipments and access to an extensive network of more than 400 off-loading and storage sites available for handling line pipe
  • Drill Pipe - access to approximately 75 percent of the active rigs in the United States, as well as, major distribution locations in key destination markets, including team tracks (publicly available) and transload facilities
  • Structural Pipe - access to key service center and construction industry locations and routes to the fastest growing population centers in the United States 

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