North American Boxcar Pool

Identify Equipment to Reload

Our UP Distributable Tool (User ID and password required) can be used to easily identify distributable equipment that may be reloaded on Union Pacific's network without generating an adverse loading fee.

Maximizing the Efficiencies of Boxcar Pooling to Meet Growing Demand

The North American Boxcar Pool (NABP) supports shippers and railroads alike by providing consistent, quality equipment while reducing cycle time and improving utilization. With the continued increase in demand for boxcars and line space for new builds unavailable for near-term delivery, the NABP helps fulfill customer equipment needs.


Today, about 115,000 boxcars are in use across North America, but only 28 percent are in the pool. Union Pacific is currently the largest participant in the NABP and is focused on creating efficiency through reload opportunities. Now, we’re encouraging others to join us in contributing all available boxcar equipment to the NABP. Through increased NABP participation, we can together improve boxcar utilization, reduce network inefficiencies and meet the growing demand for boxcars.

Increased NABP Participation, Increased Loads

Cycle Time Comparison Example

As more boxcars are contributed to the pool, shipment opportunities increase. Here’s how:

  • Entering your existing fleet is free
    • Cars meeting NABP criteria can be sponsored into the pool at any time — no charge.
  • Cars moving offline see reduced cycle times
    • Once a participating railroad interchanges a boxcar to another participating railroad, NABP quickly supplies a similar car.
  • Turns per year increase
    • On average, NABP cycle times are six days shorter than non-pooled boxcars. With increased turns per year, boxcars haul more, offering more load opportunities.

Is Your Fleet Eligible?

Pool guidelines are as follows:

  • Owner: Private ownership, short line or Class I Railroad
  • Grade: All cars must be Grade ‘A’
  • Boxcar Type (any apply): 50’ Plate C, 50’ Plate F, 60’ Plate F

Contact Us

For more information on how you can participate, contact your Union Pacific sales representative.