Blume Global Overview
(formerly REZ-1)

Blume Global (formerly REZ-1) is the premier provider of software and services to manage the domestic container programs for Class I railroads, Intermodal Marketing Companies and the draymen. Customers utilize a robust, sophisticated suite of tools to support all their tracking, inventory and financial management needs. Services include reservation and equipment distribution, tracking and visibility, as well as tailored billing and collection solutions for customers that depend on our accuracy, reliable systems and flexibility to support their growth. To support and deliver these services, Blume Global has an easy to use suite of online applications and web services that support the intermodal process, and a robust reporting tool to support decisions, performance management and key metrics that drive the business. In addition to rail controlled programs, Blume Global also manages international containers and domestic chassis for several steamship companies and private asset owners.

For support and assistance, please phone the Blume Global team at (781) 263-0200, then press 1 for Customer Service.

Union Pacific EMP and UMAX Reservation/Request Options

Using Blume Global, shippers utilizing rail-owned equipment have the flexibility of several reservation options.

Product TypeDescription Fee
Standard ReservationCustomer reservations are filled immediately from the available pool of equipment at a terminal location.No
StandbyA Standby is a request to be put on a waiting list for the next piece of equipment that becomes available at a terminal.No
Advanced BookingAn Advance Booking Request is a request to make a reservation a number of days in advance of the pickup date.Yes
Mutual Commitment Program (MCP)Committed (MCP) - Used to request EMP and UMAX equipment for Committed MCP LoadsNo

Reservation cancellations and expirations carry applicable fees per program rules. Additional rules may apply to shipments in Mexico. Daily per diem fee applies per program rules. For more information regarding charges – please refer to Blume Global Policies and Procedures within your Blume Global Application.