Process to Report Shipment Damage or File a Shipment Claim

Approximately 99.8% of our shipments are delivered damage-free. In the unlikely event damage or loss occurs, timely notification to our shipment claims team will allow us to efficiently address your situation. Please select the best option below to get started. 

Report Shipment Damage
If your company has not obtained the necessary documents required to file a shipment freight claim but would like to notify Union Pacific that you intend to file one, please submit an online damage notice. This will allow time for your company to collect the necessary documents before filing the actual shipment freight claim.

  • Fill out an online Shipment Damage Notice (user ID and password required).
  • In this step, you can request rejection approval for damage/loss; change waybill to mitigation site — we can also provide guidance for first-time or unique damage/loss events.

File a Shipment Claim

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If you encounter a problem submitting a damage notice or freight claim, please send an email to our Technical Support team.

Shipment Damage Contacts

  • Shipment Damage Team

    111 South Magnolia Street, Room 301
    Palestine, TX 75801

  • Jim Billner

    Director, Claims Services, Field Services

    Phone: 903-731-7791

  • Automotive

    Cherramiee Peterson

    Manager, Claims Resolution

    Phone: 903-731-7740

  • Bulk Products, Perishable, Industrial and Intermodal

    LaTisha Adams

    Manager, Claims Resolution

    Phone: 402-544-6309