Guidelines for Reporting Shipment, Rail Car or Property Damage

Process to Report Shipment Damage or File a Shipment Claim

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Shipment/Product Loss & Damage

  • Example Scenario
    Example 1: Car arrives with visible damage to product.
    Example 2: Incident related lading damage while en-route, such as a derailment.
    Example 3: Inadvertent use of a customer’s privately-owned / leased rail car (monthly lease reimbursement).
  • Department Oversight: Shipment Quality Freight Claims
  • Process to Follow
  • Guidelines: See applicable contract or tariff; AAR Damage Prevention & Freight Claims Rules. 

Private Equipment Damage

  • Example Scenario
    Physical damage to rail cars in association to unfair usage.
  • Department Oversight: Mechanical
  • Process to Follow
    Rail Car lessee should report rail car damage to the car mark owner at FindUs.Rail.
    Intermodal container owner should submit summary email to:
  • Guidelines: AAR Interchange Rules; Rule 95/95b.

Private Property Damage

  • Example Scenario
    Example 1: Union Pacific crew pushes a car through a bumper or fence causing damage.
    Example 2: Derailment (due to train handling) in a customer facility causing track or other damage.
  • Department Oversight: Risk Management
  • Process to Follow
    Customer calls Risk Management Property Damage Team at 877-877-2567, Option 1 to start the claims process.
  • Guidelines: Investigation of  facts and contracts to determine liability.