Air Bag - Disposable Inflatable Dunnage

A polyethylene bladder enclosed in and supported by plies (6-ply, 4-ply, and 2-ply) of heavy kraft paper capable of maintaining designated air pressure used in transportation vehicles, per AAR commodity and loading publications, to fill crosswise voids.

Bull Boards

Two-inch dimensional lumber placed in the rear-door slots of an intermodal container. The lumber is used to prevent longitudinal movement of lading inside the container.

Cord Strap

AAR-approved polyester woven strap used to secure loads in approved diagrams.


Drop Down Void Filler

Corrugated honeycomb material used to eliminate lateral voids between lading.


The material used to protect or support freight in or on rail cars or trailers.


Longitudinal restraint barrier constructed of lumber to prevent lding from moving.

Floor Blocking

Lengthwise or crosswise pieces of lumber nailed to the container floor to secure lading in position.


Polyester Plastic Strap

AAR approved polyester strap used to secure loads in approved diagrams.

Rubber Mat

AAR approved friction mats made of rubber and placed on the floor of the container or trailer. The mats are used for lading securement in a variety of approved diagrams.

Steel Strap

AAR-approved steel banding used to secure loads in approved diagrams.


A laminated fabric barrier applied to the walls of containers or trailers used to secure non-hazardous and hazardous lading in approved diagrams.