Field Managers

Our Shipment Quality managers are located strategically across the Union Pacific system to offer the following services to our customers:

  • Provide local technical expertise for loading, blocking and bracing requirements.
  • Implement customer/commodity-specific damage prevention programs and action plans.
  • Work proactively with local operations and train crews to educate and improve the rail transportation environment.
  • Respond to derailments/incidents, developing and providing detailed information of shipment status, coordinating salvaging operations, and investigating product and financial loss.

Careful Car Handling Teams

At every major Union Pacific yard, our shipment quality field managers lead cross-functional teams that are specifically assigned to eliminate overspeed impacts. Through the use of radar samples, damage statistics, and feedback from impact recorders, the teams develop corrective action plans which may include the use of Dowdy Retarders, fine-tuning retarders or actual changes in the grading of the track. The teams continually work to meet and exceed improvement goals.

  • Chicago, Illinois

    Christopher Holloway

    Phone: 773-255-7138

    Fax: 402-997-3832

  • Omaha, Nebraska

    Austin "Jed" Fenske

    Phone: 308-215-8070

  • Salt Lake City, Utah

    Patrick Bock

    Phone: 303-981-5783

    Fax: 402-271-5990

  • Los Angeles, California

    Vicky Samaniego

    Cell: 909-219-3321

  • North Little Rock, Arkansas

    Nicholas Kelly

    Phone: 501-515-8932

    Fax: 402-271-3332

  • San Antonio, Texas

    Mario Tiscareno

    Phone: 210-240-7806