Angelina & Neches River Railroad Company ANR #35

Nature of Firm

ANR operates freight service from Lufkin, Texas, to Keltys and Dunagan (11.6 miles). Traffic includes lumber, foundry products, paper, plywood, chemicals, limestone, scrap iron, steel and clay.


The ANR was founded in the late 1880s as a logging route to serve the Angelina County Lumber Company near Lufkin, Texas. In 1900, when lumbering reached its peak in East Texas, the line was chartered by the State of Texas as a common carrier. By 1911, the line extended a distance of 30 miles from Keltys to Chireno, The ANR ran a mixed train daily until 1952 hauling freight and passengers, who rode in a coach or the caboose. During the 1930s, the line also used an automobile with railroad wheels to transport passengers. ANR converted to standard gauge in 1906, purchased its first diesel locomotive in 1949 and retired it last steam locomotive #208 in 1964.

Company Information

Company Affiliation Private
Interchange Points Lufkin and Prosser, TX
Agreement Type Interline Settlement Carrier
Information Exchange Method Fax