Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad AOK #29

Nature of Firm

AOK provides freight operations over a 70-mile line of railroad owned by the State of Oklahoma between Howe, Oklahoma, to a connection with UP at McAlester, Oklahoma. AOK has leased industrial tracks owned by UP at McAlester, Oklahoma. AOK has leased the 36-mile Shawnee Branch from UP running from Shawnee, Oklahoma,  to a connection with UP near Oklahoma City. AOK also switches the Midwest City Automobile Logistics Facility.


The AOK started operation on the Howe to McAlester line on March 3, 1996. This was a Rock Island line that the State of Oklahoma purchased. AOK started operations on UP’s leased track on August 1, 1997. AOK began operations on the Shawnee Branch on July 7, 2000.

Company Information
Company AffiliationPrivate
Interchange PointsMcAlester and Oklahoma City, OK
Agreement TypeHandling Carrier
Information Exchange MethodRMI