Farmrail Corporation FMRC #280

Nature of Firm

Farmrail operates freight service from Erick through Elk City and Clinton to Weatherford, OK (82 miles). A second line runs from Westhom through Clinton and Altus to Elmer, OK (102 miles). Traffic includes wheat, steel products, fertilizers and rail cars for repairs.


The company started operations on November 19, 1981 over an ex-CRIP line between Clinton and Elk City, OK. It extended service in 1983. The Elmer–Westhom (former ATSF) line was run by the Texas & Oklahoma Railroad until January 1993, when it was purchased by the State of Oklahoma and leased to FMRC. The entire railroad is owned by the State of Oklahoma DOT and operated under a long-term contract by FMRC. The company is owned by Farmrail System, Inc. (employee owned) and is operated in connection with the affiliated Grainbelt Corporation GNBC.

Company Information

Mailing Address

Farmrail Corporation
P. O. Box 1750
1601 West Gary Boulevard
Clinton, OK 73601

Phone 580-323-1234
Fax 580-323-4568
Web Site

Judy Petry
President & GM

Heather Sheppard
Marketing Representative

Company Affiliation Farmrail System, Inc.
Interchange Points Enid, OK via GNBC
Altus, OK via WTJR
Agreement Type Switch Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI