Fordyce & Princeton Railroad Company F&P #265

Nature of Firm

F&P owns the line from Fordyce to Crossett, Arkansas (57 miles), however, only the first 2 miles south of Foydyce is currently operational. F&P serves customers within the Fordyce area. FP has a haulage agreement with Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad (ALM) to provide haulage for ALM between Crossett and Union Pacific's connection at Fordyce, however, the FP tracks from Fordyce to Crossett are out of service.


The F&P was incorporated February 25, 1890 and opened a narrow gauge line from Fordyce to Toan, AR (9.4 miles). The line was converted to standard gauge in October 1907. Additional spurs were operated from Cynthiana to Trigg (6 miles), and the Bryants spur (11 miles). By 1962 the company had been reduced to 1.14 mile switching line at Fordyce. Then the Rock Island was abandoned and the company acquired the Rock Island line to Crossett. Service started in January 1981. The F&P had been owned by the Georgia Pacific Corporation from 1963 until GP sold the line to Genesee & Wyoming, Inc in March 2004.

Company Information

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Company Affiliation Genesee & Wyoming, Inc.
Interchange Points Fordyce, AR
Agreement Type
  • Interline Settlement Carrier
  • Haulage Agreement with FP between Fordyce, AR and ALM at Crossett, AR (currently not used as tracks are out of service)
Information Exchange Method RMI