Fort Smith Railroad Company FSR #297

Nature of Firm

FSR operates freight service from a connection with UP at Fort Smith, AR to Fort Chaffee, AR (18 miles). FSR makes connections with the KCS and AM at Fort Smith, AR. AM provides haulage of UP traffic between Fort Smith and Van Buren. Traffic includes grain, food products, paper products, scrap and finished steel, lumber, peanuts, alcohol, military equipment and charcoal.


The line was built in late 1890’s by the Arkansas Central Railroad which was incorporated on April 29, 1897. Within two years the company came under control of the St Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern, which later became part of the Missouri Pacific Railroad. The line was completed to Paris, AR in May 1900, making this a 47-mile line. After acquiring Missouri Pacific, Union Pacific leased the line to Fort Smith Railroad on July 7, 1991. A portion of the line from Fort Chaffee to Paris (31 miles), was abandoned in August 1995.

Company Information

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Company Affiliation Pioneer RailCorp
Interchange Points Fort Smith, AR
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI