Fort Worth & Western Railroad FWWR #277

Nature of Firm

FWWR operates freight service over 276 miles of track in North Central Texas. FWWR leases and operates over a DART owned line from Fort Worth to Carrolton, TX. FWWR owns and operates over a line from Fort Worth to Ricker, TX with trackage rights to San Angelo Junction. FWWR owns, leases and operates over trackage in Fort Worth including UP’s Peach Yard and Everman Branch. Connections are made with UP, BNSF and TXPF.


The FWWR began in 1988 with purchase of 6.25 miles of track from the BNSF. In subsequent years, the railroad made small purchases to bring the total miles up to 10.75 miles. In May 1996, FWWR leased a 28.5 mile line from DART. In December 1998, FWWR purchased 134 miles of the South Orient’s line from Fort Worth to Ricker and the associated trackage right and leases. In January 2002, FWWR leased Peach Yard from UP. In January 2003, FWWR leased Everman Branch from UP.

Company Information

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Company Affiliation Tarantula Corporation
Interchange Points Fort Worth, TX
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI