Hollis & Eastern Railroad Company HE #328

Nature of Firm

HE operates freight service from Duke to a connection with BNSF, Farmrail and Wichita Tillman & Jackson Railroad (WTJR) at Altus, OK (13 miles). Traffic includes wallboard and building products, grain and agricultural products.


The railroad was part of a line opened in 1912 by the Wichita Falls & Northwestern Railway (OK) and the Wichita Falls & southern Railway (TX). These two roads were acquired by the MKT in 1912. The present company was incorporated by local interests on October 15, 1958 to purchase and operate the MKT’s Wellington branch. Operations started May 15, 1959 between Altus and Hollis, OK (34 miles). Republic Gypsum Company acquired the railroad in 1971. The line was abandoned between Hollis and Duke (21 miles), in June 1975. Republic Gypsum Company has been acquired by American Gypsum a division of Eagle Materials, inc. The HE is no longer in operation. In 2010, Watco's Stillwater Central Railroad (SLWC) contracted with American Gypsum to operate the line between Duke, OK and Altus, OK.

Company Information

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Company AffiliationEagle Materials, Inc.
Interchange PointsAltus, OK via WTJR
Agreement TypeHandling Carrier
Information Exchange MethodRMI