Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern KBSR #399

Nature of Firm

KBSR operates freight service from Kankakee to Danville, IL. In addition, a branch line extends from Iroquois Jct. to Hooper, Sheldon, IL, Swanington and Lafayette, IN. Total trackage equals 155 miles. Connections are made with CSX, CN, NS, TPW and UP. Traffic is mainly grain and agricultural products.


The company was formed in October 1977 and was designated to operate the former PC (NYC) Kankakee-Sheldon, IL line starting December 1, 1977. The Danville – Hooper line was acquired from the MILW in August 1981 for $2.1 million by Hooper-Myron Corp, an affiliated company. The company is owned in trust.

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Interchange Points St. Anne, IL
Agreement Type Interline Carrier
Information Exchange Method Fax