Keokuk Junction Railway Company KJRY #365

Nature of Firm

KJRY operates over 147 miles of track from: terminal tracks in Keokuk , IA; a line from Keokuk to LaHarpe, IL with a branch from Hamilton to Warsaw, IL; a line from LaHarpe to Lomax, IL and over trackage rights from BNSF to Ft. Madison, IA; and a line from LaHarpe to Peoria, IL. Traffic includes grain and grain products, scrap iron, steel wheels, coal, carbon, fertilizers, pulp board, chemicals and industrial products.


KJRY started service as a terminal railroad operating over tracks built in 1857 as part of the Keokuk & Des Moines Valley Railroad (the earliest railroad in Iowa). The K&DMVR was leased and later purchased by the Rock Island Railroad. In August 1981 the present operator purchased the 4.5 miles of line at Keokuk, and service started September 1981. In December 1986, KJRY purchased 33.5 miles of BNSF (TPW) trackage extending from Keokuk and Warsaw to LaHarpe, IL. In December 2001, KJRY purchased 12.1 miles of track from LaHarpe to Lomax, IL and received assigned trackage rights from Lomax to Ft. Madison, IA. In February 2005, KJRY acquired 76 miles of track from the TPW from LaHarpe to Peoria, IL.

Company Information

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Company Affiliation Pioneer Railcorp
Interchange Points Fort Madison, IA; Sommer, IL and Peoria, IL (UP uses a TZPR intermediate switch to I/C with KJRY at Peoria)
Agreement Type Interline Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI