Texas, Gonzales and Northern Railway Company TXGN #829

Nature of Firm

Texas Gonzales and Northern Railway (TXGN) provides rail transport, storage and operations for companies in the heartland of Texas. Located midway between Gonzales and Harwood, off U.S. 1-10, TXGN owns and/or manages 12 lead miles of track between Harwood and Gonzales and approximately 67 miles of storage and loop track. TXGN interchanges with Union Pacific Railroad and handles several thousand cars carrying energy-related products: grain and animal feed meals, clay/bentonite and raw and finished heavy metal products.


The Gonzales Branch Railroad Company was chartered on November 12, 1881. Twelve miles of track between Gonzales and Harwood, Texas, and a connection with the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway were completed in August 1882. The capital was $240,000, and the principal place of business was Harwood. Members of the first board of directors were T.W. Pierce of Boston, Massachusetts; James Converse, E.P. Hill, C.C. Gibbs, Jacob E. Fisher, and T.W. Pierce, Jr., all of Houston; and Henry B. Andrews of San Antonio. The Gonzales Branch was operated by the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio until merged into that company in 1905. The line eventually became the Southern Pacific, and was sold to the TNW Corporation on November 15, 1992, and operated as the Texas, Gonzales and Northern Railway.

Company Information

Web Site https://www.tnwcorporation.com/txgn-railway
Company Affiliation TNW Corporation
Interchange Points Harwood, TX
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI