Texas and New Mexico Railway TXN #815

Nature of Firm

TXN operates freight service from a connection with Union Pacific at Monahans, TX to Lovington, NM (105 miles). Traffic consists of oilfield commodities, aggregates, chemicals, scrap metal, hydrochloric acid and hazardous waste. The TXN can receive unit trains from Union Pacific and several unit train capable facilities are present on the line.


The line was built by the Texas-New Mexico Railway which was incorporated on November 19, 1927. Construction started the following year and the road was completed to Lovington on July 20, 1930. Texas & Pacific had gained control in October 1928. Union Pacific sold the property to RailTex and short line service started on September 18, 1989. RailAmerica acquired the line in February 2000 and sold to Permian Basin Railways in May 2002. Watco acquired the line from Permian Basin Railways in July 2015. 

Company Information

Web Sitewww.watcocompanies.com
Company AffiliationWatco Companies, LLC.
Interchange PointsMonahans, TX
Agreement TypeSwitch Carrier
Information Exchange MethodRMI