Texas, Oklahoma & Eastern Railroad TOE #764

Nature of Firm

TOE operates in conjunction with the DeQueen & Eastern Railroad (DQE) from a connection with DQE at West Line, AR to a connection with the Kiamichi Railroad at Valliant, OK (39.8 miles). Traffic consists of forest products.


The company was incorporated October 21, 1910, and opened from Valliant to Broken Bow (24.5 miles) on July 15, 1911. The final 15.3 miles from Broken Bow to West Line, AR opened in 1921. Passenger service ended in 1948. In 2011, the DQE was purchased by Patriot Rail from Weyerhaeuser.

Company Information

Web Sitewww.patriotrail.com
Company AffiliationPatriot Rail Corp
Interchange PointsDQE at West Line, AR;
Kiamichi at Valliant, OK
Agreement TypeInterline Settlement Carrier
Information Exchange MethodRMI