Utah Central Railway UCRY #963

Nature of Firm

UCRY provides switching at Ogden, UT on the Evona Industrial Lead, Relico Spur, Sugar Works Spur, and Business Depot Ogden (BDO) and Little Mountain, UT at Western Zironium.


Utah Central Railway leased Evona Industrial Lead, Relico Spur and Sugar Works Spur from UP in August 2001. UCRY is under contract from Westinghouse Electric to perform the switching at Western Zironium. UCRY acquired from Boyer BDO and the City of Ogden the right to operate Business Depot Ogden in January 2004.

Company Information

Web Site https://patriotrail.com/rail/utah-central-railway-ucry/
Company Affiliation Patriot Rail
Interchange Points Ogden, Harrisville and Little Mountain, UT
Agreement Type
  • ISS (Harrisville, Little Mountain)
  • Handling Carrier (Ogden)
Information Exchange Method RMI