Utah Railway Company UTAH #811

Nature of Firm

Utah Railway operates freight service on owned track from Mohrland to Helper Terminal, UT (45 miles). Utah has trackage rights over UP from Grand Junction, CO to Ogden, UT (378 miles). The railroad operates as a switching agent for BNSF in the Salt Lake City, Provo and Ogden areas. Traffic is coal moving in 84-105 car unit trains.


The company was incorporated January 24, 1912 and opened in October 1913. The Denver & Rio Grande operated the line until 1917 when independent service started. Utah Railway was a subsidiary of Mueller Industries, Inc. until sold to Genesee & Wyoming, Inc. in August 2002.

Company Information

Web Sitewww.gwrr.com
Company AffiliationGenesee & Wyoming, Inc.
Interchange PointsUtah Railway Junction and Provo, UT;
Grand Junction, CO
Agreement TypeInterline Settlement Carrier
Information Exchange MethodRMI