Warren & Saline River Railroad Company WSR #832

Nature of Firm

WSR operates five miles of track from a connection with UP (via AKMD) at Warren, AR. Traffic is outbound lumber and forest products.


The company was incorporated March 25, 1920 to take over the property of the Warren, Johnsville & Saline River Railroad (incorporated August 7, 1905), a logging road. Passengers have never been carried. The company purchased two miles of the Warren & Ouchita Valley Railroad at Warren in 1978. Operations between Cloquet and Hermitage were discontinued in 1985. Pinsly Railroad Company acquired the WSR in January 1, 2010.

Company Information

Web Sitewww.gwrr.com
Company Affiliation

Genesee & Wyoming, Inc.

Interchange PointsMcGehee, AR (via AKMD)
Agreement TypeHandling Carrier
Information Exchange MethodRMI