Wichita, Tillman & Jackson Railway Company, Inc. WTJR #899

Nature of Firm

WTJR operates freight service from a connection with BNSF (and UP via trackage rights over BNSF) at Wichita Falls, TX to a connection with BNSF and Farmrail at Altus, OK (77.6 miles). Another connection is made with Grainbelt at Frederick, OK. A second disconnected line runs from a connection with UP at Waurika, OK to Walters, OK (24 miles). Traffic includes grain, fertilizer, gypsum board, sand, soda ash and chemicals used in glass manufacturing.


The Altus line is a former Missouri-Kansas-Texas branch built by the Wichita Falls & Northwestern Railway between 1906 and 1909. WF&NW came under control of MKT by 1912. The Oklahoma trackage on the Altus line is owned by the State of Oklahoma. The Walters line is a former Rock Island line built around 1900. When the RI failed, the Walters branch was acquired by the State of Oklahoma and leased to MKT then UP. Short line service started January 14, 1991.

Company Information

Web Sitewww.rgpc.com
Company AffiliationRio Grande Pacific Corporation
Interchange PointsWaurika, OK and Wichita Falls, TX
Agreement TypeHandling Carrier
Information Exchange MethodRMI