Willamette Valley Railway WVR #940

Nature of Firm

WVR operates freight service from a connection with UP at Woodburn to Stayton, OR (29.7 miles), with a branch from Geer to East Salem, OR (6.8 miles). Traffic includes lumber, plywood and other forest products, grain, fertilizer, food products and sand.


The Stayton line was built by the narrow gauge Oregonian Railroad chartered in 1878 and absorbed by SP in 1890. This line was leased from SP, and short line service started February 22, 1993. A portion of the line between Salem and East Salem was abandoned in 1995.

Company Information

Contact Information willamettevalleyrailway@yahoo.com
Company Affiliation Private
Interchange Points Woodburn, OR
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI