Furlough Information

Furlough Communications

When an employee is furloughed they will be placed on an inactive status until business volumes return and may be recalled to work.

During your time in furlough status, your Service Unit will be providing you with monthly system and local business updates, as well as helpful tools and information.

As a furloughed employee, you can continue to apply for internal job openings at www.UP.jobs. To view internal job postings, your UP.jobs account must be activated as an employee. If you log into your account and you can't view postings such as Right of Selections jobs or Train Crew Transfer-Employee Initiated, call OSS at (402) 544-5555 or 1-800-621-8953 to reactivate your Union Pacific user ID.

You are strongly encouraged to set up “Notify Me” alerts for the location(s) and/or job(s) that interest you. One way to set up a “Notify Me” alert is to search all current job openings. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see “Notify Me.” When a job opening matches an alert, you will receive an email with a link to review the job posting. If selected to interview, you will incur all expenses to interview and relocate (if required).

Furlough Benefits

Agreement employees that are furloughed will have four months continuation of health and welfare (including medical, dental, vision, and life) benefits as long as they meet the following criteria:

1. The employee has rendered three months of compensated service.
2. If the employee is not active in the National Plan at the time they are furloughed, continuation of benefits will commence the month following the month furloughed, and will continue for four months from the month last rendered compensated service.

Example: Mr. Smith last worked 10/31/2018, but was furloughed 11/2/2018. Mr. Smith will have continuation of benefits for four months beyond his date last worked which means he and his dependents will have coverage through February 28, 2019. Mr. Smith will owe the health and welfare cost sharing contribution for his benefits in November based on his October pay/work history. The health and welfare cost sharing will be deducted when he returns to work and has available funds. As long as Mr. Smith remains furloughed, he will not owe for coverage in December, January, or February.

A COBRA notice will be sent within a couple months of being furloughed for those in the National Plan (including dependents). Employees covered by Union Pacific Railroad Employee Health System (UPREHS) will receive a letter roughly the fourth month after furlough. These letters will provide information about COBRA rates (National Plan) and/or dues rates (UPREHS) as well as payment requirements for continuation of benefits coverage.

For all dependents refer to the National Plan information above.

Any questions that are not addressed above and are related to your benefits, please contact your medical coverage providers directly.

• National Plan (Railroad Enrollment Services): 1-800-753-2692 or visit the website at http://www.ytth.com/.
• Union Pacific Railroad Employee Health System (UPREHS): 1-800-547-0421 or visit the website at http://www.uphealth.com/.


Furloughed employees may request to be paid out a lump sum amount for all or some of their unused vacation. The only limitation is the number of days paid out cannot exceed the number of days the employee has been on leave and any payment will not count towards extending benefits. (If the employee has been on leave for 3 weeks, we cannot pay out more than 3 weeks of vacation.)

Mechanical furlough vacation payout requests will be processed once a month by NPS. The payments will process with the first half payroll (25th of the month). All requests for that month need to be received by the 15th of the month. Any requests received after the 15th will be processed the following month.

Contact Payroll Services at 800-877-1010 during the hours of 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday.

Seniority & Transfers

For seniority related questions, please contact your General Chairman’s office via the union website.

Train Services (TE&Y) Employees Intracraft Transfer Policy (transfer work location within the same craft.)  

Engineering, Mechanical, and Clerical crafts

Intracraft Transfer Policy (transfer work location within same craft):

Application Process:
1. Review the current collective bargaining agreement provisions applicable to transfers
2. Complete Non-Operating Intracraft Transfer Request Form (For Furloughed Employees) 
3a. For Engineering send the form by e-mail to ENG_TK@up.com or fax to 402-997-3953
3b. For Mechanical send the form by email NPSMechanical@up.com or fax to 402-997-3951

Intercraft Transfer Policy (transfer to position outside current seniority or craft):

Application Process:
1. Employees must obtain and complete a Request for Agreement Intercraft Transfer Form. Note: Employees are responsible for having their current nonagreement supervisor sign this document unless they are currently furloughed 
2. Employees must complete and submit an online application on www.UP.jobs. They must scan their Request for Agreement Intercraft Transfer Form and upload it in the Uploaded Documents section of the application
3. Eligible employees are invited to participate in the next steps of the hiring process depending upon the competitiveness of their qualifications and the needs of the hiring department. If invited to do so, employees must complete any required testing and an interview. If invited to a hiring session, employees must give a hard copy of their completed Request for Agreement Intercraft Transfer Form to the Human Resources manager
4. If an employee is offered a position/granted a transfer, the employee will be required to successfully satisfy all prerequisite qualifications including but not limited to a medical assessment, background investigation, and physical ability test as required for the position

Eligibility Threshold:

  • Safety Record
  • Discipline
  • Absenteeism Record
  • Service (Furloughed Employees are exempt from the 2 year rule)

Railroad Retirement Board

RRB Phone: 877-772-5772

Link to information on RRB benefits including potential unemployment benefits:

Employment and Income Verification Letters

For employment and/or income verification, contact uConfirm, a third party verification agency.

Email Address:

Toll-Free: (866)-312-8266, option 2

Returning to Work

Visit the Return to Work website for details on what is required by Health & Medical Services to return to active status, if you are recalled to work.