Long-Term Care

The Union Pacific Corporation Group Long-Term Care Plan ("Plan") offers insurance coverage designed specifically to cover the costs associated with extended long-term care. It covers a variety of services for people who are unable to care for themselves ranging from assistance with day-to-day activities in the home or special attention in a nursing home.

Current Plan Participants

CNA will no longer accept new entrants into the Plan as of February 1, 2016. Plan participants will be able to make changes as allowed by their certificate of coverage and the master contract between CNA and Union Pacific ("Master Contract"), and can continue to depend on CNA for high quality customer service and claims handling. 

CNA Customer Sevice

To contact CNA Customer Service call 1-800-528-4582 Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm Central Time.

Benefit Plan Guides

2002 SPD


2013 SPD


2016 SPD


The terms of the Union Pacific Corporation Group Long Term Care Plan ("Plan") are found in the Master Contract between CNA Insurance and Union Pacific Corporation ("Master Contract"). Should there be a conflict between information in this communication and the Master Contract, the terms of the Master Contract shall govern. Union Pacific reserves the right, at its discretion, to amend or terminate the Plan or any of its other benefit plans or programs at any time for any reason. Nothing in this communication shall be construed as creating an express or implied obligation on the part of Union Pacific to establish or maintain the Plan or any other benefit plan or program.